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Deck Features

 A basic deck can be a kind of boring.  Why not display some creativity to make a fun and unique place to relax, entertain and be proud of?  Here are a few good examples of decks that have been taken to the next level by some skilled professional deck designers.  A large deck may have enough space to add a little bit of something for everyone.  A smaller deck may need a little more thought to get the most out of the design.


Introducing built in features such as planter boxes, benches, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens are a great way to improve any outdoor living space.  Try to choose features that compliment your lifestyle.  A built in stainless steel grill with a bar area can be the perfect feature for entertaining.  Custom deck furniture can enhance your design and make your deck one of a kind.

Shade features like arbors and pergolas will reduce the intensity of mid afternoon sun light. Hanging plants and vines over a pergola is a great way to create a lush overhead canopy above a sitting area.  Low voltage lights can be used to set a mood and make your deck more functional at night.

Adding a hot tub or spa to your overall deck design is an excellent idea. You can add benches and lighting to create a relaxing place to enjoy with your family and friends.  Low decks can be built around hottubs and higher decks can be set on a lower platform to recess the top of the spa to make it easier to step into the water.  Overhead pergolas and screen walls can be added for privacy.  You can even add some planters with flowers or potted plants to further enhance the space.