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Removing the Siding for the Ledger Board

In order to install the ledger board, you usually need to remove the house’s siding. Never install a ledger board over the top of siding no matter what you hear, this can weaken the connection. Aluminum and vinyl siding can easily be removed with tin snips from an area one foot surrounding the ledger board location. You can then trim the pieces to be reinstalled with a J channel after the deck is completed for a clean, finished look.

Wood or concrete siding will have to be cut away using a circular saw. Set the blade depth so you won’t cut into the house sheathing below the siding. Make sure you have enough room to install flashing above the ledger board and allow for at least a ¾” space above the decking, preventing water from wicking upwards into wood siding. Start by using plunge cuts across the top and bottom of the horizontal length of the ledger board, followed by the shorter vertical cuts for the ends using a cold chisel. You will then have to use a claw hammer or a pry bar to remove the nails. For your safety, be careful not to saw through nails. Always be careful when you are using a circular saw, especially if you are standing on a ladder.