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DIY Guide

How to Build a Wood or Composite Deck

From planning and designing your deck, to choosing materials and finding a builder, we've got you covered! Learn how to build a deck step-by-step with these tutorials.

Featured Deck Design Articles
Selecting the Best Composite Decking Color 1

Selecting The Best Composite Decking Color For Your Home

There are many composite decking color options. How do you select the right one for you?

Drilling a screw by a hand drill

Deck Remodel Ideas

There are lots of reasons to remodel your deck and lots of ways to do it. If your worn-out wood decking needs replacing anyway, give low-maintenance composite deck boards a try.

Picture6 Deck in Winter frozen-snowy-deck

5 Ways to Use Your Deck In The Winter

Hoping to get use out of your deck all year long? Discover these helpful deck ideas to keep your deck warm and cozy in cold winter weather at

Featured Deck Installation Articles
Install Deck Ledger And Attach Flashing Ch04 Step02 17

Dos & Don'ts for Homeowners to Consider When Building a Deck

Your dream deck can take whatever shape you like. The trick is making it fit your budget and site conditions. While the deck doesn’t have to be built as a rectangle, there could be good reasons for doing just that.

Overhead Deck

Best Time to Build a Deck

People often wonder when the best time to build a deck is. Learn why building a deck in winter or fall might be your best bet.

Hand Drill (1)

10 Common Deck Building Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Building a deck can be a complicated process. Learn how to avoid falling into common deck building pitfalls with tips and advice from the experts at

Featured Deck Care Articles

Best Deck Cleaner Options

Discover the best deck cleaning and brightening solutions for composite decks, wood decks, and more. Learn how to remove dirt, mildew, and algae with

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How to Clean Outdoor Patio Cushions

Keeping your outdoor furniture cushions clean helps extend their life and makes your deck or patio area look nice. Learn how to clean outdoor cushions.

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What is Wet Rot and How Do You Treat It?

Wet rot occurs when water or high moisture levels cause wood to decay. Learn how to recognize the signs and causes of wet rot and how to treat it.

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