Best Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas For 2024

One of the most recent backyard trends to pop up are outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen set-up can fulfill your dreams of entertaining guests while creating multi-course masterpieces on a chef-quality grill on warm summer days. Adding an outdoor kitchen can also increase your home’s resale value.

If you’ve been thinking of building your own outdoor kitchen in your private backyard oasis, here are some of our favorite backyard kitchen ideas to inspire you.

How Much Space Is Needed For An Outdoor Kitchen?

If you have a small backyard, you can still have an outdoor kitchen because there is no universal size requirement. Even if you live in a dense urban area with a tiny backyard deck, there are ways to incorporate a small outdoor kitchen that can work for you.

When designing an outdoor kitchen space, keep in mind that you’ll want to allow enough space between the cooking and seating areas to ensure the cook has room to work.

With that in mind, we’ll explore both large and small backyard kitchen ideas. Browse through our collection of outdoor kitchen ideas and see which ones speak to your taste, lifestyle, and space!

Rustic Outdoor Barbeque Kitchen

Grill masters deserve a statement piece to stand at the center of the outdoor action. Building a stone kitchen island around your grill creates not only a functional station to serve up plates of deliciousness, but also provides a statement piece for your outdoor space. Add comfortable Adirondack chairs for an informal feel that makes guests feel welcome.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

Looking for a functional, yet low-budget option for an outdoor kitchen? Adding a propane grill and simple patio table and chairs get the job done with a quaint, comfy sitting area to entertain. An egg-shaped wicker chair off to the side is a relaxing way for the chef to relax between grill sessions.

To keep the space cozy, yet colorful, add bright patterned throw pillows, area rugs, and table runners to spruce things up. A potted plant also helps give a more inviting feel to an inexpensive outdoor kitchen. 

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Bring the full kitchen experience outside with this full-scale countertop with a built-in grill. There’s plenty of room for storage and even a sous chef to help you. You can also mix and match components with this grill station, such as adding sleek, chrome refrigerated doors.

Patio Kitchen With Ample Seating

You don’t need a long table to seat more guests while taking up precious space in your outdoor kitchen and dining area. Depending on the dimensions of your deck and its layout, your railing can also double as bar seating. Add a couple bar stools along the railing in addition to a well-appointed patio table -- and you’ll be able to accommodate more friends and maximize their seating options.

Outdoor Bar and Kitchen

Do you see yourself mingling with friends in between flipping burgers and roasting veggies? This outdoor kitchen set up has you orchestrating the show front and center. The grill sits behind the bar, covered by an open pergola, allowing air -- and guests -- to circulate.

Dream-Worthy Outdoor Kitchen Dining Area

If you have space -- or a rooftop deck -- a full outdoor kitchen may be on your menu. Bring the best of an indoor kitchen outside with a stainless steel outdoor kitchen. Custom cabinetry in bright white with cobalt blue countertops makes this outdoor kitchen pop. In addition to a double grill and plenty of storage space, this outdoor kitchen boasts a separate bar area, perfect for setting up a self-serve drinks station plus an area to relax at any time of the day. Your patio will be the best spot in the house.

Outdoor Kitchen In-the-Round

If your deck has an inlaid design, it’s the perfect style cue for making it a true focal point of your outdoor set up. This eye-catching outdoor kitchen in-the-round leverages a circular inlaid design in a contrasting color to offset its prime spot on the deck. A crisp, white pergola draws the eye upward, while curved benches serve as tables and seating for guests. A stainless steel grill stands at the heart of the scene, making this a truly striking outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen With a Roof

Protect your grill from the elements by placing it in a covered corner of your deck. If your deck has a roof and is built off the side of your house, it can be an ideal spot for an outdoor kitchen. This discrete placement makes it less of a focal point, with plenty of space for guests to mingle without disturbing the cook.

Wood-on-Wood Outdoor Kitchen

Matching the color of your deck to the tables, railings, and countertops of your outdoor kitchen is a great way to add a rich, tonal look to your space. Countertops made from the same style of decking are excellent for carving out a space for the bar or preparing food.

Indoor / Outdoor Kitchen

If you don’t have the space or budget to outfit an outdoor kitchen on your deck, there are clever ways to work around the problem. If your deck is built off of the side of your kitchen, you can create an outdoor bar / breakfast nook situated on your deck, separated by a large, hinged window that gives access to an indoor kitchen and range.


When it comes to outdoor kitchens and dining areas for the backyard or deck, the possibilities are endless. Need more inspiration? Check out Trex’s outdoor kitchen and bar gallery for more ideas.


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