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The 9 Best Deck Boxes for Outdoor Storage

Having a deck or patio can be like having an outdoor living room – and every living room needs storage solutions! A deck box can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your deck by reducing clutter, but offer a functional means to tuck away outdoor necessities. Deck boxes are a safe place to keep all your outdoor gear, from tools to toys to furniture cushions to towels, and everything in between.

Deck boxes come in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. Sorting through thousands of options to find the perfect deck box can be a daunting task, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are nine of our picks for the best deck boxes to fit your storage needs.

Best Overall Deck Box: Suncast 99 Gallon Outdoor Storage Container

Many of the top-rated deck boxes are stylish, durable, and affordable, just like the Suncast 99 Gallon Outdoor Storage Container. As our choice that checks all the boxes, this attractive deck box offers the look of wicker with the durability of water-resistant resin construction that won’t chip or fade. In addition to providing you with ample storage that can fit with any style of decking, the Suncast 99 Gallon Outdoor Storage Container will continue to look great for years to come.

Best Heavy Duty Deck Box: Rubbermaid Plastic XL Deck Box

If you want a heavy-duty deck box that will withstand harsh weather and years of use, look no further than the Rubbermaid Plastic XL Deck Box. Rubbermaid is a trusted storage brand, and this maintenance-free deck box resists moisture and dents.

Best Deck Box with Bench Seating: Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

Deck boxes that can double as bench seating are a utilitarian, space-saving choice, especially if you want to make the most of a smaller deck. Stash away tools or toys in the Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box, and then use it as a place to put up your feet and take a break from your yard work.

Best Waterproof Deck Box: Lifetime 130 Gallon Deck Box

Waterproof deck boxes can stand up to rain, but also work well if you’re using them to tuck away pool toys or pool maintenance gear. The Lifetime 130 Gallon Deck Box has a large storage capacity to keep all of your items safe, and will withstand wet weather conditions.

Best Deck Box with Wheels: Suncast 83 Gallon Outdoor Deck Storage Box

A deck box that features wheels can be a convenient option because you can move it to exactly where you need it. The Suncast 83 Gallon Outdoor Deck Storage Box has built-in wheels and a handle for portability, so you can always have storage on hand.

Best Budget Deck Box: Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box

Some deck boxes can cost upwards of $200, but if you want storage and functionality without spending a lot, take a look at the Suncast 22-Gallon Deck Box. At only $72, this 15x15 inch box is made from durable resin and is easy to assemble. Its faux wicker front made from molded resin gives you affordability and durability without looking cheap, lending a more tailored touch to your deck while giving you extra storage space.

Best Designed Deck Box: Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Storage Box

Most deck boxes are nestled away in a corner and aren’t really considered a crucial design element. However, some boxes are both functional and beautiful. The Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Storage Box has the appearance of beautiful, natural wood but is made of weather-resistant resin.

Best Large Deck Box: Keter XXL 230 Gallon Deck Storage Container

We get it – you have a lot of stuff that you need to stash away. You’ve got your gardening supplies, the kids have their pool toys, and you still want space to store your patio cushions when they’re not in use.

Take a look at the Keter XXL 230 Gallon Deck Storage Container. It has tons of space and is weatherproof and critter-proof, so you don’t have to worry about mice or other rodents nesting in your deck box over the winter.

Best Wooden Deck Box: Tangkula 47 Gallon Acacia Wood Deck Box

It’s true that plastic deck boxes aren’t always the prettiest thing to look at. For this reason, many homeowners prefer the aesthetics of a wooden deck box. When searching for a wooden deck box, it’s important to keep in mind that wood is often not as durable as plastic. The Tangkula 47 Gallon Acacia Wood Deck Box is made from acacia hardwood that’s both tough and stylish.

While this attractive Acacia wood deck box is equipped with premium hardware and capable of bearing up to 355 lbs, it’s important to note that it is not waterproof. You may either want to treat it with a waterproof stain or store it under a waterproof canopy to keep it beautiful for years to come.

How to Choose the Best Deck Box for You

When looking for the right deck box to fit your needs, there are a few different factors to consider. Think about what you’ll be storing in the box, how much storage space you need, and what kind of weather conditions are common in your area.

You’ll want a box that’s durable and functional, but also one that fits seamlessly with the rest of your deck’s décor. After all, a deck box is probably not going to be a centerpiece, so look for something that blends in with your other outdoor furniture.


Deck boxes can be made from a few different types of materials including plastic, resin, wood, and wicker, and each material offers both pros and cons. Plastic is a great option because it’s durable and waterproof, but many people prefer wood or wicker because they’re more attractive. Both wood and wicker deck boxes, however, need frequent maintenance to stay in good shape.

Resin offers the durability of plastic and the aesthetic of wood or wicker. Resin is a textured plastic that can be molded to resemble other materials, so it’s a great choice if you want the look of wood but the strength of plastic.


Some deck boxes aren’t just used for storage. Multi-functional boxes can be used as benches or outdoor tables, so if you’re short on space, look for a deck box that also serves as a useful piece of furniture.

Size & Storage Capacity

Before buying a deck box, take measurements of the space where you want to install the box. Deck boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your needs. Most size options range from around 25 gallons to 200 gallons or more.

A 25 gallon deck box can fit a hose, a few pillows or cushions, or some towels. Larger boxes can hold gardening supplies, pool maintenance tools, sports equipment, toys, and more. 


Deck boxes can be functional and attractive, so choose a design that fits your personal preferences. Many boxes are square or rectangular, but you’ll also find options that are vertical and look more like storage cabinets. These vertical storage options may include shelves to help you stay organized. 


If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions like high winds, heavy snowfall, or frequent storms, you’ll want to choose the most durable deck box. Plastic boxes are typically among the sturdiest options, but other materials can be weatherproofed. A well-constructed and properly maintained deck box can last for years.

Your deck can be your personal sanctuary and a canvas for your creativity. For more inspirational deck ideas, check out more of our deck features and decor articles.

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