Best Under Deck Drainage Systems

Building a deck is an investment in your home. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, consider installing a deck drainage system. A deck drainage system creates a dry, usable space underneath your second-story deck and protects your deck substructure from moisture which can lead to wood rot and decay.

What to look for in a deck drainage system

How do you weigh your options when choosing a deck drainage system? Here’s what you should look for.

  • Above joists system - Different deck drainage systems can be installed either above or below the joists. The best option is to install the system above the joists. This will provide 100% protection of all the joists and beams from moisture penetration. This type of system also helps to hold the screws in place longer.
  • Easy installation - Choose a deck drainage system that is simple to install. If you’re building your own deck, it will save you the headache of a difficult installation and ensure that your deck drainage system is put in place correctly. If you’re contracting the work, you can save money by choosing a system that can be installed efficiently, uses a minimal number of tools to get the job done, and does not require specialized contractors.
  • Added options for your underdeck space - Some deck drainage systems may not provide options for installing features in the dry space beneath your deck. Choose a drainage system that allows you to add a ceiling and utilities such gas and electric. These added features allow you to design an outdoor living space with lights, ceiling fans, entertainment components and more.
  • Great value at an affordable price - Some deck drainage systems could cost you up to $8.00 retail per square foot. You can get a high-quality product on the market for about half that cost. Once you find the product that meets all of your criteria, look at the price per square foot to find one that offers the best quality and value for the dollar without busting your budget.

Chart reviewing the best under deck drainage systems