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How To Build a Screen Porch

Many porches are built with screen walls to keep insects out while maintaining views and fresh air. Screen is inexpensive and available in different size rolls. Dark colored screen usually is the most attractive because it is more transparent. Some builders simply staple the screen to the outsides of the posts for installation. This is the easiest method, but it doesn’t always look as finished as other methods and can be a problem if a part of the screen becomes torn or damaged. An alternative method involves installing screen frames between posts. The screen is stretched to fit inside screen frame channels. Each opening has its own screen frame, which makes them easy to repair or replace. They also look nice and can add definition to the porch elevation as they are placed between support posts. Don’t forget to install screen under the deck as well if you want to keep insects out.

Screen Porch
Screen Porch

This 3-season screen porch creates a dry, insect free outdoor living area where you can still enjoy the outdoors rain or shine.