Deck Privacy Screen

In some deck design situations you may feel that it is important to block certain views to increase privacy.  This can usually be achieved by building a privacy wall or fence.  There are many conventional privacy wall or fence designs for these structures.  You can use this as a great opportunity to express some style and an attention to detail into your design.  Some privacy walls incorporate an arbor feature across the top.  Fence boards, lattice, and even metal balusters are common material choices for privacy wall or fence construction.  Remember that privacy walls and fences are still enforced as guardrails and must meet all code requirements.

Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen Frame

Start by creating a frame to set the privacy screen.  We are using 6x6 support posts with a 4x6 top cap.  Notice the 2x2 material that is nailed to the inside of the supports.  This will hold the slats.

Nailing the slat boards.

Nail the 1x4 slat boards to the outside of the 2x2 nailer board.  Make sure the openings are evenly spaced.

Spacer Blocks

Tip:  Use scrap 2x2 material as spacer blocks to keep the privacy slat boards even from the top of the wall to the bottom.

Adding the horizontal slats.

Use finish nails to attach the horizontal slats to the vertical slats.  Make sure each piece is level.

Use a level.

Repeat the process to finish the privacy screen wall.  You can adjust the spacing for more or less privacy / light.  Make sure the openings are consistent and the lines are straight.

Paint the Privacy Wall.

Use paint to add some color to make the wall match the rails and the posts. Mix that in with a natural brown wood floor and you have a classic look.

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