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Plan 1LE2614

This deck design features a 12' x 12' octagon that is covered by an overhead pergola inset into a 26' x 14' base deck . A nice sized grill area is positioned between the octagon and the house. The opposite half of the deck is neatly wrapped by a cascading staircase creating a broad traffic lane between the house and yard.

Includes Reverse Plan

Square Feet: 393

Width: 29' 6"

Depth: 17' 6"

Height: 1' 11"

Levels: 1

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File Description
1LE2614 1LE2614
1LE2614 Reverse 1LE2614 Reverse
Pergola Detail Pergola Detail
Plans Guide Plans Guide
Elevations 1LE2614 Elevations
Reverse Elevations 1LE2614 Reverse Elevations
Materials Breakdown A list of materials broken down by deck section specific to this plan.
Materials Order List A list of materials for ordering specific to this plan.
Plan Specs A list of specs specific to this plan.

Estimated Material Cost

Material Estimated Cost
Pressure Treated Pine $4,217.94
Composite $6,704.33
Exotic Hardwood $10,743.32
Cedar $5,035.97
Redwood $4,899.48