How To Build A Deck - Stairs & Steps

Learn how to build stairs using 2x12 stringers. Watch our step-by-step DIY video. Review the code requirements for stair construction.


Stair Stringer Attachment

Step-by-step instructions for installing 2x12 stair stringers.

Deck Stair Stringers Spacing

How far should you space your 2x12 deck stair stringers? It depends what type of material you plan on using for the stair treads.

Deck Stair Stringer Layout

Step-by-step instructions for measuring and laying out your deck stair stringers.

Anchoring Deck Stairs

Learn how to anchor your deck stairs to a concrete landing pad or footings. Follow our step-by-step instructions with photos.

Cutting Stair Stringers

Step-by-step instructions for cutting your 2x12 deck stair stringers with a circular saw.

Planning to Land Stairs on a Patio

Learn how to determine the location of your stair landing and how to install a concrete slab using forms. Follow these step-by-step DIY instructions.


How To Build A Deck Ramp

Learn how to build an ADA accessible wheelchair ramp onto your deck to meet building codes. Ramps must have a 1:12 slope.

Extra Support For Long Stair Stringers

Long stair stringers may need extra support from installing a brace at mid span.

How long should my stair stringers be?

Learn how to measure the height of your deck and use our stair calculator to determine your stair stringer lengths.

Closed Stair Risers

Learn about the benefits of installing riser boards on your deck stairs.

Stair Tread Nosing

Learn how to install treads to overlap the riser boards.

Deck Stair Lighting

Learn about how to install low voltage deck stair lighting.


Stair Safety Glazing Requirement

It can be dangerous to have windows near deck stairs. Learn about options that you can use to make these areas safer and code compliant.

Building Box Steps and Stairs for Decks

Learn how to build a set of box platforms to act as stairs for a low deck. You don't even need to cut stair stringers.

How do I build a gate on my deck stairs?

In the actual construction of a gate, there is no significant difference from any other gate when it is serving a stairway, other than it’s location and the direction it swings.

Building Cascading or Wrap Around Stairs

Learn how to build a set of cascading or flared stairs around an angled corner of a deck.