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How To Finish Your Porch

Finishing a porch is the process of decorating the interior and exterior shell for the purpose of appearance. The most basic element is how to cover the ceiling and house wall. Installing tongue and groove cedar bead board is a popular look but can be expensive, especially on a large porch. Railings are usually required on porches just like decks and can be installed to the inside or outside of a screen wall. Some porch builders build knee walls in the place of rails and use siding materials and trim to match the house. A variety of attractive screen doors are available. Soffits and fascia are usually selected to match the house, as well. Operable windows are a nice touch and can make the porch more versatile for colder weather, but they can be very expensive. Trim of all kinds can be installed to the inside and outside of the porch. Individual tastes do vary as to what looks nice and what looks over-decorated. A number of excellent products are available for these purposes.

Finished Porch Interior
Finished Porch Interior

This open porch room features recessed can lights and fans. The structural beams and support posts are trimmed in white vinyl, and the interior side of the ceiling is clad in wooden beadboard.