6 Ground Level Deck Ideas to Transform Your Space

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When it comes to decks, bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, which is why ground level decks are the perfect way to add some spice to your space without breaking the bank. For those looking for the quickest, most cost-effective way to add to their outdoor space, ground level decks offer a wide range of design options that are often more straightforward to design, build, and update than multi-level decks.

Before you begin building or contracting out your new addition, you need to be sure you have the right design in mind. From freestanding decks in the center of your backyard to a deck built for barbequing, these ground level deck designs will enhance your outdoor space in any climate.

1. Minimalist Deck


Your ground level deck doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple with ground level deck ideas inspired by minimalist design.

  • Build a perimeter bench along the edge of your deck in place of a railing to maximize seating while minimizing frills.
  • Offer a clear view of your backyard by opting out of railing altogether, creating a seamless look for your space.

As a rule, if your deck is under 30” in height, railing isn’t required in most municipalities. Check your local municipal guidelines to verify the specifics of where you live or learn more about deck railing heights here.

  • Surround your deck with a garden or koi pond to blend your minimalist design perfectly into its natural surroundings.

2. Secluded Oasis

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For those seeking a secluded deck retreat, enhancing your design with specific features can ensure that the joys stay in while the outside world remains at bay.

  • Incorporate a privacy wall, screen, or fencing into your design and transform it into an eye-catching feature by adding an herb garden, lattice, or decorative ivy.
  • Keep your guests cool and increase their privacy by adding a pergola or shade panel.
  • Plant quick-growing shrubbery to create a natural barrier between you and your neighbors.

3. Freestanding Deck

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Not all ground level decks need to be directly attached to your house. Building a standalone platform, also known as a freestanding deck, in your backyard adds a unique feature to your home.

  • Add a hot tub to your freestanding deck to create a spa-like island in the middle of your yard.
  • Build the picture-perfect dinner setup by adding a dining set and lights.
  • Tack on a gazebo to your freestanding deck to create a charming outdoor space perfect for reading, conversation, and more.

4. Grillmaster Ground Level Deck

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Creating a ground level deck with a built-in outdoor kitchen lets you transition from indoors to outdoors with ease and style, making summer grilling better than ever.

  • Add custom-fit outdoor cabinets to boost your extra storage space with easily accessible ground level kitchen space.
  • Invest in an outdoor bar cart for a portable way to store supplies and serve your party guests with snacks and glasses on hand in your outdoor space.
  • Pick the perfect grill for your cooking style and outdoor aesthetic — from a charcoal grill to a gas-powered option — to keep the barbecue going all summer long.
    • Be aware that using grills on your deck can be dangerous and may void your grill's warranty, depending on your setup.

5. Tiered Ground Level Deck

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Adding dimension to your deck makes transitioning from deck to yard easier for your guests and creates the illusion of a multi-level deck without the hassle and expenses of one.

  • Add dimension by splitting your ground level deck into sections at different elevations.
  • Design one section of your deck to be a step higher or lower than the other to create distinct deck areas without the need for a costly multi-level project.
  • Use stairs for a seamless, accessible transition from your home to your yard for guests who may have a hard time stepping down.

6. Custom-Shaped Ground Level Decks


By taking advantage of the design flexibility of ground level decks, you can break free of traditional square and rectangular decks by adding a curved outer edge or angular shape to your design.

  • Add unique shapes to your ground level deck design that conforms to planters, fountains, or other natural surroundings to create a space that flows seamlessly into nature.
  • Consider installing unique deck board patterns, like herringbone or chevron, to add a geometric element to your deck design.
  • Attach a custom-built railing that matches the outer-edge shape and style of your deck to keep guests safe while adding another personal touch.

Ground level decks give you the flexibility to build your space, your way without the high costs and design difficulties of some other deck concepts. When you start designing your new space, try using these ground level deck ideas to make it one of a kind.

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