Deck Footings

Learn everything you need to know about installing concrete footings to support your deck. We will teach you how to determine the code compliant size of your footings based on the soil type and tributary loads. Check out our deck footing frost map to help you understand how deep your footings will need to be excavated. We will also show you how to decide the number and spacing of your footings. Some of our articles focus on the various types of accepted footings that are used by professional deck builders. We feature articles on how to install continuous concrete pier foundations, belled piers, footing forms and the buried post on top of the footing method. We will conclude the section by explaining how to work with concrete and cover some common issues related to deck foundation work and answer some frequently asked questions.

How To Build A Deck - Footings & Foundations

Learn how to install concrete footings to properly support your deck. Watch our step-by-step foundations video.


The Buried Post Footing

Learn how to install a concrete deck footing with a buried treated support post as an alternative to a solid pier foundation.

Concrete Deck Footing

Compare the pros and cons of installing a solid concrete deck footing using a cardboard tube or engineered forms.

Deck Footing Frost Depth Map

Find out how deep you need to dig your footings in your area. Look at our U.S. map of extreme frost penetration.

Digging Deck Footings

Learn how to hand dig or mechanically dig your deck footings with step-by-step instructions. Learn what to do if you hit a rock.

How many footings do I need for a deck?

Learn how to determine the number of footings and support posts you need for your deck when designing your deck frame.

Water In Deck Footing Holes

Find out what to do if your deck footing holes fill up with water.


Deck Footing Size Chart

Learn how large to make your deck footings. Use our table for maximum allowable loads to determine the proper size for your soil type.

Soil Conditions For Deck Footings

Learn how soil conditions can affect the size of your deck footings. Do you have gravel, sand or clay soil?

Bigfoot Footing Forms

Learn about the advantages of using Bigfoot systems concrete footing forms. Research their testing and code compliance reports.

How do I install footings for a deck on a steep sloping yard?

Our inspector explains how to install concrete deck footings on uneven ground.

Can I reuse the footings from my old deck for a new deck project?

Our inspector discusses the topic of reusing footings for a new deck.

Do I need to use rebar for my concrete footings?

Our inspector discusses using steel rebar for deck footings.


Can I use deck pier blocks instead of footings?

Our inspector explains the pros and cons of using pier blocks for deck foundations.

Deck Footing Spacing and Layout

Learn how to lay out your deck footings accurately using triangulation with our step-by-step instructions.

Prevent Frost Footing Heaving

Learn how frost heaving can damage your deck. The solution is to properly install your deck footings.

Before You Dig Phone Numbers

Use this directory to find the website and phone number for the free underground utility locate services in your area.

Working With Concrete

Learn tips from the pros on how to mix and pour concrete for deck footings.

Foundation Washout

Steep hills and loose soil can be a recipe for disaster for deck footings. Consider some of our tips to help prevent your footings from washing away.


Prevent Deck Footings From Sinking

Sinking deck footings can lead to serious problems. Learn what can cause concrete footings to sink. Properly installed footings will resist sinking.

Cutting Through a Concrete Patio

Learn how to use a concrete saw to cut a hole in a patio slab to install a deck footing.

Excavating Near a Retaining Wall

Avoid problems related to digging deck footings near retaining walls. Learn some tips from the pros for how to handle these difficult situations.

Protecting Your Holes from Collapse

Learn how to use cardboard sonotubes and hole covers to protect your deck footing holes from caving in and flooding before pouring concrete.

Deck Footing Inspections

Find out what you need to do to pass a deck footing inspection in your city. Footing inspections are usually required for decks.

Hiring a Ready Mix Truck

Learn how to order ready mix concrete for your deck project. Use the concrete calculator to determine how much you need.