Composite Decking Price Comparison

When researching low maintenance decking materials there are a few important things to consider and compare.  Even though there are a number of composite deck brands currently on the market, we would recommend limiting your search to companies that have a current engineering report.  Many local building departments require that a manufacturer has one of these reports to provide testing data for their products in order to issue permits.  Another important factor to consider is local availability.  It is best to find a material that is stocked at a local lumberyard.  This will make returns and future purchasing much more convenient.

Most low maintenance materials come with a 10 to 25-year limited warranty.  It is a good idea to review the warranty policy to see what is covered before making your final decision.  Comparing pricing is always important when trying to choose the best product to meet your budget.  Many low maintenance decking brands offer a range of products at different price points.  You can consult the websites or your local dealer for details of how price relates to appearance and performance.  You can often pick up samples of materials from your local lumberyard or order them online.  This is a good idea to do some practical testing at home.  You can see how easily the surface can be scratched with a key or stained with some grease or ketchup.  Some materials tend to have color fade issues more than others.  If your deck will be subject to the intense sun with little shade you may want to see if you can find a finished project or outdoor display to visit that has been exposed to the elements for a few years as a part of your research process. 


 Brand Cost Per Linear Foot Code Compliance Report
All Season   ESR-1461
Armidillo  $3.27 ESR-1461
AURA   CCRR-1039
AZEK  $3.78



CHOICEDEK  $1.75 ESR-2388
Clubhouse  $4.39 CCRR-0175
Deckorators  $3.79 ESR-1573
EnDeck  $3.19 CCRR-0144
Enhance  $2.99 Pending
Eovations   CCRR-0195
Evergrain  $3.69 CCRR-0177
EverNew  $3.99 CCRR-0219
 Everx   ESR-1573
EVOLVE  $2.82 ESR-2497
Fiberon  $3.27



Floorizon  $1.49  CCRR-0128
Genovations  $4.60 ESR-1904
 GeoDeck  $3.40 ESR-1369
Gorilla  $4.74 ESR-1657
Horizon $3.99  CCRR-0108
Latitudes   ESR-1573
Lifecycle Basics   ESR-2388
MoistureShield $3.02  ESR-2388
Monarch    Pending
NewTechWood  $2.88 ESR-3487
North Dex   $1.98 ESR-1461
NyloDeck   $2.75 CCRR-0183
Passport   CCRR-0156
PC Ultima    Pending
Perma-Poly   ESR-2497
 Premier   ESR-1481
Rhino   ESR-1461
Style Selections $2.15  ESR-1573
Sylvanix Embellish   ESR-3771
Timber Tech $2.61  CCRR-0128
Trex Elevations   CCRR-0186
Trex Transcend  $4.13 ESR-3168
Tropics   CCRR-0108
TruGrain   CCRR-0216



TUF-board   ESR-2824
UltraDeck $1.98  CCRR-0250
Ultrashield  $3.44 ESR-3487
VEKAdeck  $4.43 CCRR-0137
Veranda $2.37  ESR-1573
Vista  $3.79 ESR-1573
 West Star   ESR-1461
Woodland Seasons   ESR-1461  
Zuri Cellular $5.30  UES-367

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