Deck Code Official - Composite Decking Interview

This is the transcript of an interview between and Building Official Roger Axel on November 6, 2007.


Composite Decking Material Review

Low Maintenance Decking materials including aluminum, vinyl, and composite products are the latest rage in the deck industry...

Composite Decking Price Comparison

Composite decking ranges in price from $1.49 to $5.30 per linear foot depending on the brand.

Capped Composite Decking

What is capped composite decking? Here's the rundown.

Wood Deck Materials

Compare pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood and mahogany.

Wet and Dry Wood

Most wood sold for deck building is considered wet and has a moisture content of over 30% water weight...

Cedar Decking

Cedar is a fantastic choice for a deck building material because of its combination of unique properties...


Redwood Decking

Redwood is a remarkable deck material in almost every way; it is very stable, straight, and its heartwood is naturally resistant to wood boring insects and weathering without the use a preservative chemicals...

Lumber Defects 101

Unfortunately, there are very few perfect pieces of lumber out there...

How to organize your materials for use

Once you have purchased all of your building materials and you are preparing to start construction it is a good idea to organize the various wood materials to see what you have to work with and prioritize the best boards for the certain uses...

How to Read Grade Stamping

Any lumber you purchase should have a grade stamp or end tag...

Plane Sawn and Quarter Sawn Cuts

Most framing lumber is plane sawn, meaning that it is cut roughly on the tangent or parallel to the wood grain leaving the end grain appearance of loops and growth swirls...

Bark Side Up vs. Best Side Up

Usually the best policy to use for surfacing an attractive wood floor is to always expose the best side of the board...


Pressure Treated Wood

Wood can be impregnated with a variety of preservative chemicals to prevent rot and insect infestation when used in exterior applications like building decks...

Different Types of Joist Hangers

Joist hangers can be used anywhere you need to strengthen a load bearing connection.

Hurricane Ties

Hurricane ties are hardware pieces that connect the joists to cantilevered beams to reduce uplift forces caused by high winds...

Decking Fasteners

Learn more about deck fasteners for wood and composite materials.

Deck Hardware Corrosion Resistance

Testing has shown that the new preservative chemicals used in pressure treated lumber are more corrosive to metals than CCA...

Post Base Connectors

Post bases are hardware items designed to attach the decks support posts to the top of the concrete footing pier.


Stainless Steel Deck Hardware

We have all heard the adage that a chain is a strong as its weakest link. Most often the reason for deck failure is poor hardware. Saving money on fasteners is the wrong idea. Quality hardware is important for the longevity of your deck as well as safety.

Post Beam Connectors

An alternative method of attaching support posts to beams rather than bolting through a notched post is to use a post beam connector.

Brite Composite Decking Reviews

Brite Composite Decking is manufactured by Brite Manufacturing, Inc. based in Bolton, Ontario, Canada.

Brock Decking Reviews

Brock Deck is manufactured by Royal Crown Ltd. in Milford, IN.

Cross Timbers Decking Reviews

Cross Timbers composite decking material is manufactured by Elk Corp. in Dallas, TX.

Dream Deck Decking Reviews

Dream Deck vinyl decking is manufactured by Thermal Industries in Pittsburgh, PA.

Harmony Select Decking System Reviews

Harmony Select Decking System is manufactured by Royal Mouldings Woodbridge in Ontario Canada

MoistureShield Decking

Moisture Shield is a composite decking material manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling.

Nexwood Decking Reviews

Nexwood composite decking is manufactured by Nexwood Industries Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Rhino Decking Reviews

Rhino composite decking is manufactured by Master Mark Plastics in Paynesville, MN.

Tamko Envision PVC Decking Reviews

Tamko Envision PVC deck board is manufactured by Tamko Bldg. Products, Inc. in Joplin, MO.

TanDeck Decking Reviews

TanDeck low maintenance decking system is manufactured by Tangent Technologies, LLC in Aurora, IL.

Bear Board Decking Reviews

Bear Board is manufactured from recycled plastic by EPS Plastic Lumber in Cary, IL.

Carefree Decking System Reviews

Carefree Decking is manufactured by U.S. Plastic Lumber Ltd. in Chicago, IL.

Gorilla Deck Decking Reviews

Gorilla Deck Vinyl Decking is manufactured by Homeland Vinyl Products in Birmingham, AL.

Guarddeck Elite Decking Reviews

Guarddeck Elite is a Cellular PVC decking manufactured by INTEPLAST Group in Livingston, NJ.

Millennium Lumber Reviews

Millenium Lumber is a composite decking material manufactured by Millennium Decking, Niska, Alberta, Canada.

CorrectDeck Decking Reviews

CorrectDeck composite decking is manufactured by Correct Bldg. Products in Biddleford, ME

Deck Lok Decking Reviews

Deck Lok Decking is manufactured by Royal Crown Limited in Milford, IN.

Endeck Decking Reviews

Endeck PVC decking is manufactured by Enduris Extrusions in Jacksonville, FL.

EVOLVE Lumber Plastic Decking Reviews

EVOLOVE plastic decking is manufactured by RENEW Plastics in Luxemburg, WI.

TUF-board decking Reviews

TUF-board low maintenance decking is manufactured by INTEPLAST Group in Livingston, NJ.

Ultra Shield Decking Reviews

Ultra Shield is a capsulated wood plastic composite material manufactured by the New Group Asia in Humble, TX.

Latitudes Decking Reviews

Latitudes composite decking and railing materials are manufactured by UFP Ventures II, Inc. in Prairie Du Chein, WI.

Eon Decking Reviews

Eon decking is manufactured by CPI Plastics Group in Ontario, Canada.

TimberTech Decking Reviews

TimberTech Decking is manufactured by Timbertech Limited in Wilmington, OH.

Aztec Plastic Decking Reviews

Aztec Plastic Lumber is manufactured by Amazing Recycled Products in Denver, CO.

CertainTeed PVC Decking Reviews

Evernew LT Cellular PV decking is manufactured by the Certainteed Corp. in Valley Forge, PA.

Genovations Vinyl Decking Reviews

Genovations Vinyl Decking is manufactured by Genova Products, Inc. in Davison, MI.

VEKAdeck Decking Reviews

VEKAdeck PVC decking is manufactured by VEKA Inc. in Fombell, PA.

UltraDeck Decking Reviews

UltraDeck encapsulated composite decking is manufactured by Midwest Manufacturing Extrusion in Eau Claire, WI.

Evergrain Decking Reviews

Evergrain composite decking is manufactured by Epoch Composite Products in Lamar, MO.

Fiberon Decking Reviews

Fiberon low maintenance decking is manufactured by Fiber Comoposites, LLC in New London, NC

Choicedek Decking Reviews

Choicedek composite decking is manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc.

Trex Composite Decking Reviews

Trex decking is manufactured by Trex Company, Inc. in Winchester, VA.

AZEK Decking Reviews

AZEK Decking is manufactured by AZEK Building Products in Scranton, PA.

Veranda Decking Reviews

Veranda composite decking is manufactured by Louisiana Pacific Corp. in Franklin, TN for Home Depot.