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Deck Plan 1L033

Plan 1L033

This deck design arranges three well proportioned stepped back sections across one level to form a highly fucntional space for entertaining and a grilling area. Angled corners and a pleasant simplicity reveal themselves throughout the design. The open floor space offers subtle transitions through compression and release.

Includes Reverse Plan

Square Feet: 360

Width: 28'

Depth: 15'

Height: 4' 5"

Levels: 1

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File Description
1L033 1L033
1L033 Reverse 1L033 Reverse
Plans Guide Plans Guide
Front Elevation 1L033 Front Elevation
Side Elevation 1L033 Side Elevation
Reverse Front Elevation 1L033 Reverse Front Elevation
Reverse Side Elevation 1L033 Reverse Side Elevation
Materials Breakdown A list of materials broken down by deck section specific to this plan.
Materials Order List A list of materials for ordering specific to this plan.
Plan Specs A list of specs specific to this plan.

Estimated Material Cost

Material Estimated Cost
Pressure Treated Pine $3,123.41
Composite $5,420.82
Exotic Hardwood $7,790.76
Cedar $3,890.76
Redwood $3,758.24