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Maximize Your Backyard Space With 10 Deck and Patio Combo Ideas

Published on November 29, 2023
Deck Patio Combo Hero Image

Right now, your backyard might be ripe for a deck or patio update, or be a completely blank canvas ready for your design touch. Regardless, you’re looking for a way to maximize your space, but you may be reluctant to choose one architectural element over another. That’s why so many homeowners go with a deck-with-patio layout — it creates a multi-faceted yard that’s fit for all occasions while taking advantage of every inch of your space.

Not sure where to start when it comes to a backyard deck-patio combo? We’ve gathered tons of design inspiration to show all the possible combinations you can try to take your home’s outdoor aesthetic to the next level. Take a tour of these designs and start thinking big about your outdoor space’s potential.

Why Should I Combine My Deck With My Patio?

A deck and patio can be a perfect match, but first, you should know what differentiates the two. While your deck is a raised platform that leads out from your back door and overlooks the yard, the patio below is a paved area stretching onto your lawn, adding more structure and visual diversity to your hangout space. The two can be combined to maximize outdoor space, add more design variety, incorporate new features like under-deck space, and more — the only limit is your imagination.

A deck or a patio on its own offers a spot to relax, but together — and with a few extra flourishes — you can enjoy your backyard at different elevations and really make your outdoor space sing.

Designing the Ideal Space for Your Deck/Patio Combo

Before we start pinning and googling all the deck and patio combinations, let’s think through a few key design considerations every homeowner should consider before undergoing construction.

  • Blancing Deck and Patio. The spacing potential for a deck-patio combo presents a few options — more of which we'll dive into in our design ideas later on in this article. But those layout considerations need to come at the beginning of your planning and design phase — do you have the space for a fully horizontal, deck-patio adjacent combo? Do you need leverage height in your deck in order to get more substantial space for your patio? Ask yourself these initial questions to jumpstart your vision. You can also use a tool like our deck designer to help visualize your space.
  • Materials. Think of the kinds of hosting possibilities your deck and patio can provide — then work backward. Decking materials can vary based on your durability needs and budget, with wood materials adding some design variety while composite decking makes for a more durable material with an elegant aesthetic. For the patio, consider whether a uniform design in concrete or brick pavers is what you need, or if the more nuanced look of stone or slate tiling across your yard can add even more visual diversity.
  • Landscaping. Wherever you land on materials, it’s highly unlikely your deck and patio will be all wood and stone. Plan any landscaping elements like plants, fixtures, and other additions you want to include from the get-go. Measure out the sections of your deck-with-patio combo to see where you might have room for an extra tall fern or two — and find plant inspiration here.
  • Ambiance. The hang is only as good as the vibes — prioritize a warm and welcoming ambiance when laying out your deck and patio space. You can start simple with string lighting to up your evening game, or really invest in a sublime setting with built-in deck lighting fixtures. Then, BE EXTRA with some blanket- and pillow-adorned lounge chairs.
  • Gathering places. Decks and patios are gathering spaces by nature — but you can draw your guests even closer together with some well-placed focal points in your space. Those can range from a fire pit for roasting marshmallows to outdoor kitchens and dining areas for hosting wine tastings and game nights, or even something more eye-catching like an outdoor theater space with an inflatable projector screen.

Deck Patio Water Feature

  • Water features. A little dash of the aquatic brings a refreshing and calming touch to a deck and patio. From small fountains and fish ponds to flashier options like hot tubs, bubbling water features can add an extra sensory element to your landscape.

Deck Patio Dual Space Design

10 Possibilities for Your Deck and Patio Combo

Ready to get inspired? Read on for 10 impressive deck and patio combo ideas to get your creative juices flowing and see what’s possible for your backyard.

1. A Tried-and-True Dual Space Design

Deck Patio Rain Or Shine Design

Nothing beats a classic look. With this simple, adjacent duo, homeowners can expand their outdoor living space with minimal vertical adjustment for guests (i.e., a few stairs) and quick access to the grill for those barbeque lovers.

Suggested elements: Barbecue space, lounge area, stone accents

2. The Dynamic Duo for Rain or Shine

Deck Patio Family Fun Multi Level

Split the difference with this ideal deck-patio design, giving you plenty of coverage in your elevated deck space while opening up your patio to a bit more exposure. Keep your access to the sunshine while providing ample overhang in case of some drizzle.

Suggested elements: Pergola, string lights, outdoor fans, retractable awning

3. Family Fun at All Elevations

Deck Patio Outdoor Living Room

If your house has the vertical space to accommodate it, a multi-level deck adds character to each floor of your exterior. Where normally the space under your deck might be used for storage, this deck-patio combo instead allows you to convert that area into a shady, covered patio for your family and friends to cool off in the space below your deck.

Suggested elements: Hot tub, composite decking, tall ferns and trees

4. An Open-Air Living Room for Outdoor Coziness

Deck Patio Dreamy Oasis

To enjoy your outdoors in especially rainy or super sunny areas, bring the comfort of your living room to your backyard with a covered deck-patio combo. This will keep the sitting and hanging area protected from the elements — while the rest of your yard benefits from them — and add a pseudo-living-room feel to your great outdoors.

Suggested elements: Structured roof, outdoor fireplace, dining area

5. A Dreamy Outdoor Oasis

An external homage to the popular conversation pits of the '70s, this cozy deck-patio combination is a unique look for modern backyards. With this specialty design, your patio will become a focal point for hangouts, directing guests to gather in the sunken area and lounge outdoors in style.

Suggested elements: Built-in fire pit, cushioned bench seating, ample fire-side lighting

6. The Farmstead-Style Relaxation Station

Deck Patio Farmstead Style

For large front yards with a little privacy from the street, a front porch with a patio extension fills out your terrain with paved stone, concrete, or other landscaping elements to give all that land an extra touch. This twist on a classic look gives you the space to flex your landscaping muscles, especially for more remote homes in lake or mountain areas.

Suggested elements: Cozy rocking chairs, barbecue smoker, flower beds

7. An Alfresco City Escape

Deck Patio Alfresco City Escape

If you have more finite outdoor space — a terrace in a city, for example — an enclosed combination of deck and patio brings a modernist style to urban living. Though the acreage might not compare to that of the suburbs and beyond, you can still get the benefits of sunshine, outdoor hangouts, and grilling — whatever your deck-dwelling heart desires.

Suggested elements: Varied plant beds with small touches of greenery, cozy external dining area, fence-friendly lighting

8. The Simple Beauty of an Open Terrace Deck

Deck Patio Open Terrace

A modern touch applied to a classic look, the terrace is an open design that flows more naturally from the deck to the patio space. With this deck-patio pairing, and some creative landscaping tacked on, homeowners can flesh out a Spanish-inspired garden look that evolves beyond the traditional vibes of other deck-with-patio combinations.

Suggested elements: Light lounge furniture, potted plants and flowers, structured coverings, rustic tile

9. The All-in-One Cozy Cabin Feel

Deck Patio Cozy Cabin

Don’t stop with the deck and patio look; including a structured fire pit (i.e., one built into your landscaping rather than a separate standing structure) adds a natural communal touch to your yard that’ll make your house the go-to gathering spot for your social circle.

Suggested elements: Adirondack chairs, exposed stone fixtures, open-pit cooking accessories

10. A Trinity of Outdoor Lounging Areas

Deck Patio Trinity Outdoor

If you have the space and the resources to pull it off, the deck-patio-pool trifecta combines three distinct elements into a pristine, Shangri-La-like exterior for your home. The three can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing you to mix covered and open spaces that give your family and guests plenty to enjoy on any day.

Suggested elements: Coverings for decks/patios with ceiling fixtures, waterproof lounge chairs, outdoor fireplace

Turn Your Deck-With-Patio Design Dreams Into a Reality

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of the opportunities awaiting your outdoor space, it’s time to start thinking of how you can bring these combinations to life in your own yard. Start your process by looking for a materials retailer or deck/patio builder to help you get moving on your next big project.

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