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Plan 1PG1616

This 16' x 16' porch offers a functional and attractive enclosed space under a gable roof. The hand framed roof isn't difficult to build and is designed for a vaulted ceiling. Add screens, doors, walls, and windows to your preferences. This porch can easily be adapted to different heights by adding stairs and lengthening support posts. Porch plans come with details explaining roof construction.

Square Feet: 256

Width: 16'

Depth: 16'

Height: 2' 6"

Levels: 1

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File Description
PG1616 PG1616
Porch Guide Typical Porch Detail Guide
Plans Guide Plans Guide
Materials Breakdown A list of materials broken down by deck section specific to this plan.
Materials Order List A list of materials for ordering specific to this plan.
Plan Specs A list of specs specific to this plan.

Estimated Material Cost

Material Estimated Cost
Pressure Treated Pine $4,596.45
Composite $7,964.93
Exotic Hardwood $11,631.17
Cedar $5,688.79
Redwood $5,637.64