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Deck Pictures: Multi Level Deck, Composite, Glass Rail

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Lakeside Deck

After renovating their beautiful home on the river, this couple needed a way to access the lake from the living area. They wanted to make sure the deck gave them following: An unobstructed view of the lake Easy lake access A staircase from the upper level to the lower level that did not take up much space A rain-proof area under the upper-level-deck Minimal support columns to keep the view unobstructed A living and dining area An area for the grill An upper-deck that would have great view of Lake Erie They had a deck design that was part of the original home design, and we were able to use that design by tweaking a few things. With no backyard, part of the challenge was working in a confined area next to the lake. In addition to the original natural gas lamps, the couple decided to add a low-voltage lighting package that really adds to the beauty and feel of this lakeside location. The deck now invites people out of the home to enjoy what the lake has to offer.

Multi Level Deck, Composite, Glass Rail