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10 Tips For Designing A Great Deck

This is an introduction to deck design. Start here to get some fresh ideas before designing your dream deck this year.

Composite Decking Material Review

Low Maintenance Decking materials including aluminum, vinyl, and composite products are the latest rage in the deck industry...

Deck Railing Ideas

Get some great ideas for deck railings. Make your deck unique.

Sweep Space Bottom Deck Rail

Learn how to build a deck rail system that allows you to easily clean and shovel off leaves, ice and snow.

How to organize your materials for use

Once you have purchased all of your building materials and you are preparing to start construction it is a good idea to organize the various wood materials to see what you have to work with and prioritize the best boards for the certain uses...

Bark Side Up vs. Best Side Up

Usually the best policy to use for surfacing an attractive wood floor is to always expose the best side of the board...

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