How To Build A Deck - Attaching the Ledger Board

Attaching a ledger board to the house rim is the most basic and best option of all the ledger board applications. Hold the flashing in place as you lift the ledger board into position.Use a 4’ level to make sure you apply it perfectly straight. Using your pencil marks as guides; install your fasteners through the ledger board, through the house rim board and directly into the ends of the floor trusses or wall studs. You should install two fasteners every 16” on center alternating top and bottom.

Once the ledger board is in place; bend the flashing over the top and around the corners to provide drainage for water away from the house. Use silicon caulking to seal all opening where water could potentially enter the house especially where flashing overlaps and at the corners and bottom of the ledger board. Never nail or screw decking through the flashing through the top of the ledger board. These punctures can allow water to easily penetrate the flashing and pour into the house.

Pay attention to every detail when applying the ledger board. The ledger board and the footings are the two most important and sometimes complicated components of deck construction.

Building - Deck Ledger Board