TWP Stain

TWP 1500 Series Stain

TWP 1500 Series is a low Volatile Organic Compound preservative with special U.V. absorbing pigments that prevent wood graying, darkening and fading. The selected mildewcides inhibit the growth of mold and mildew which assist in preventing premature discoloration.

TWP 1500 Series is compliant in all states.

Instructions: Covers 150-200 square feet per gallon. Stain should be applied with a pad, sprayer, brush or roller with 2 coats in Temperatures from 45-95 degrees F. Allow 12-72 hours for drying.

Colors Cedartone, Redwood, Dark Oak, Black Walnut, California Redwood, Honeytone, Rustic, Pecan, Natural

TWP 100 Series Stain

TWP 100 Series is not compliant in all states.

Colors Cedartone, Redwood, Dark Oak, Honeytone, Rustic, Pecan, Cape Cod Grey (semi-solid), Prairie Gray (semi-solid),

TWP® stands for "Total Wood Preservative" and has been manufactured by Gemini Coatings for over 20 years.