It is important to use the correct type of wiring for your low-voltage deck lighting system. Most LED lights use 18/2 gauge wire, while most incandescent lights use 12/2 gauge wire. You will need to match the polarity of the wire to the lights. Most wires are split into a smooth black wire and another wire with white lettering or ribbing. You must connect the matching wires to create a working connection.

You will need to create a circuit by connecting your lights with wire in a routered cavity in the railing or under the deck to protect them and hide them from view. Aurora pigtail wires can be used to connect side-mounted rail lights to the main cable line. Voltage drop can occur from line loss over a long line of lights. The position of your transformer and lights layout will create a low-voltage circuit. For best results, we recommend that you install your lights in a looped circuit. A straight line, T and split load installation can be used for alternate circuit layouts. LED lights must be wired in parallel, not in a series, and polarity must be maintained throughout the lighting system.

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