Decking Choices

Choosing the right type of decking for your design is a very important decision. Some people prefer the look and feel of real wood like cedar, redwood or exotic hardwoods over man-made materials. Other people are fans of low-maintenance materials that offer a variety of colors and textures. Researching decking materials is key to making the right decision for you and your lifestyle.

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Hidden fasteners will eliminate screw or nail placements in the floor. Reverse trim head composite screws are recommended over nails for composite decking for holding strength and to prevent mushroomed screw holes. 

Wood decks will need to be stained to protect the wood from cracking and warping. A variety of stain colors are available from natural to deep reds, browns and grays.

Color is a very important part of design. The playful use of contrast with a border can add a spark of life to any deck. Large decks with broad expanses of redundant floor treatment often will appear too plain. Decking applied diagonally or in a herringbone pattern can focus attention towards a particular space or view. Some designers even create a unique floor inlay to add some character to their deck

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