Deck Footing Inspections

Never pour concrete until after your footings have passed inspection. In order to pass your footing inspection, you will need to have an inspector measure to verify that the holes' base sizes and depths meet the specifications of the approved plans. The holes must also be free of loose dirt and water. If you have water in your holes, you may try to pump the water out or allow them to dry out over a couple of days. If you are not going to be able to attend the inspection, you will need to post the inspection card and approved plans in an accessible place for the inspector to sign off on. Once the holes have been signed off on you can get ready to finish building your footings. Contractors can save a lot of time on a project by coordinating prompt footing inspections following excavations.


Deck Footing Inspection
Deck Footing Inspection

Schedule your footing inspections before you start mixing and pouring your concrete foundations.

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