Footing, Frame and Final Inspections

Once you obtain your permit, you will be able to schedule your required inspections throughout your project. You will need to post the inspection card and stamped plans at the site for the inspectors to access. It is a good idea to put these documents in a watertight bag and tuck it into a sliding door or someplace where it won’t blow away in the wind. Most decks will require you to pass a footing inspection to verify the size and depth of each hole before pouring the concrete. 

Decks that are low to the ground will often require a framing inspection before the decking is applied to allow the inspectors to check the construction of the structure. When all your work is completed, you will also need to pass a final inspection before the permit can be closed. If you fail an inspection, you should be given a correction notice for what needs to be fixed before you can pass the inspection. 

Failing an inspection is not a horrible thing, nor is it anything to be afraid or ashamed of. Experienced tradesmen and amateurs alike can make mistakes or overlook details. An inspector, or any other experienced person, has a completely different perspective coming into a completed stage of the job, and is likely to notice overlooked details that merely blended into the overall project for the builder.

Read over the inspection notice, or better yet, be on site for the inspection. A quick conversation on the spot with the inspector provides much more confidence in making the corrections. Once the identified issues are resolved, call for a re-inspection. If you are unsure of any of the correction items provided by the inspector, it is always best to contact the inspector for more information. 

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