Defining the Scope of Work / Project Specifications

This section will clearly outline the exact nature of the work your contractor is going to do for you. The more specific you make the details, the better. You will want it to include a scale drawing complete with dimensions to define the size and shape of the deck being built. This must be very accurate. Include the number of total square feet, the elevation, the direction of decking and any other essential information. You will also need to establish the specific materials that are going to be used. Leave nothing to interpretation. Make sure the type, size, color, style, grade, name brand, etc. are listed to guarantee you get exactly what you are expecting and paying for. Your contractor will also need this document to refresh their memory when it comes time to ordering materials. This written information vastly outweighs any verbal agreement of what is going to be done. Make sure it is accurate, clearly written and leaves nothing out.

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