What are your responsibilities?

Your responsibilities as the homeowner and customer will be laid out straightforwardly in your deck builder’s contract. You will be required to pay the full agreed upon amount on time and maintain homeowner’s insurance during the project. Your homeowner’s insurance policy is necessary to recover any costs of damage caused to your property or to replace materials that are damaged or stolen from the site. Other responsibilities will include making appropriate arrangements to accommodate the construction process. If you need to do anything to prepare the site for construction, like removing a concrete patio, you may need to do this before construction can begin. You will probably be asked to provide access to electricity for the carpenter’s power tools or be charged additionally for the use of generators. You will need to offer a safe and convenient storage space for the building materials. In some cases, you may be asked to allow access to bathrooms. Any other requests should be clearly understood and arranged for. You will also be responsible for marking or relocating private lines like sprinklers or cable television that might interfere with the project.

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