Who do you contact if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong during your project, we recommend staying calm and following the established chain of command. For instance, if the wrong color decking shows up at the job site, first talk to the construction crew to get it straightened out. Usually, this kind of problem is just a matter of miscommunication that can be easily resolved. If a problem persists, you may need to talk to whoever drafted the contract or the owner of the company. Your contract should be clear specifying what the exact terms of the project are. In rare circumstances, if the company refuses to offer a solution, you may need to pursue the matter with an outside party. Do not make idle threats. Use extreme caution and only use this action as a last resort, as you will likely stir up some bad feelings and things can turn ugly fast. There are a number of courses of action you can employ if it comes to this. Start by filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This is usually enough to get the contractor's attention and resolve the issue. You can also file a complaint with the State Attorney General or appropriate agency in your state to apply pressure on the contractor to reconsider your issue, or you may want to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit. These processes can be expensive, time consuming and do not always produce the results. A lower-cost alternative may be to use the Conciliation Court to act as a mediator.

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