Space Planning, Furniture, and Hot Tubs

Get out your graph paper and scale ruler; its time to put your design ideas to the test. Begin by drawing your deck design to scale. Make notes on the plan to designate what specific spaces will be used for. If you already own the furniture for your deck take some time to measure it, if not do some research to get an idea of what you want and how much space it will occupy. Take this information and convert it into ¼" scale model cutouts. Now you will be able to use these pieces to overlay the design and gain a practical understanding of how well this space will function

If you are planning on installing a hot tub on top of or beside your deck you will need to pay special attention to its design, size, and specifications. A hot tub is very heavy when it is filled with people and water, a frame will need to be built to adjust for the extra weight. You may want to position the hot tub at a lower elevation to make it easier to access. Consider how your hot tub will relate to the house and the other areas of the deck. Do you have enough privacy? The addition of interesting and comfortable furniture or a hot tub can dramatically enhance the atmosphere of your deck environment

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