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VEKAdeck Decking Reviews

VEKAdeck PVC decking is manufactured by VEKA Inc. in Fombell, PA. This low maintenance material is made with 100% reinforced cellular PVC and color stabilizers to prevent fading. VEKAdeck is lighter than wood or composite materials but is impact resistant. VEKAdeck is available in Walnut, Khaki, Almond, Mocha, Gray and White colors and retails for approximately $3.20 per linear foot. This products low water absorption allows it to perform well in humid and marine environments. VEKAdeck comes with a 20 Year and has an evaluation service report (CCRR-0137).

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did you use the camo fasteners, what gaps did you use on the end boards, I am worried about expansion/contraction and buckling, is it as easy to work with as composite decking?, thanks

posted by robandmichele5 at 7/10/2015 4:00:51 AM

The Camo Marksman Pro has automatic 3/16" spaceing that you need.

posted by Great Railing at 7/16/2015 11:50:10 AM

Thank you for your reply to my June 2, 2015, inquiry regarding Veka Deck. Of the six decks you built using this product were there any issues that came up, especially regarding the quality of the decking product? The company website does not address any potential for the decking to either stain, split, scratch or cup. I question if these situations have occurred for any consumers who have used Veka Deck for the decks?

posted by Drehmer at 6/17/2015 7:59:52 PM

Does anyone have experience using Vekadeck? We are planning to replace a 35 year old wood deck with a vinyl/pvc product. One company wants to us Azek decking, but I found a class action law suit that was filed against Azek last year. The suit alleges the product does everything the manufacturer says it won''t do. Now I''m looking at Vekadeck, but can''t find anything good or bad about it. Any info would be appreciated.

posted by Drehmer at 6/2/2015 4:33:43 PM

I am a contractor and have installed 6 decks with VekaDeck. Its easy to install and gives a very high end look. You will have to find a dealer in your area who sell it. They also make a vinyl railing system with an aluminum insert for strength.

posted by kenstudt at 6/10/2015 9:41:50 PM

We have built close to 200 Veka deck since 2004 and we NEVER had a single call back. We also sell Veke decking and never had a call back.

posted by Great Railing at 7/16/2015 11:56:28 AM