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Choicedek Decking Reviews

Choicedek composite decking is manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. in Springdale, AZ. Choicedek is available in beach house gray,harvest brown and coastal redwood in 12',16' and 20' lengths. Matching railings are also available. Choicedek can be purchased at Lowes home improvement stores. This products testing is available in the ESR-2388 evaluation service report. Choicedek comes with a 25 year warranty.

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I had Choicedek decking installed in 2014. Some of the planks have developed discolorations which make the decking look dirty. I have tried cleaning it, but the areas that I scrubbed are now really faded and the discoloration still remains. Do not buy Choicedek. It''s a ripoff.

posted by pawilson at 6/21/2015 11:45:12 PM

My husband and I have this in the Beach House Gray. Love it but I have a question, after two years it it getting spots? Anyone else gave this and know why it is happening? After investing in three levels of decking I need some answers. Thanks.

posted by Kathy & Greg MacGeorge at 8/3/2014 11:01:44 PM

Shavings issues with ours installed 2 months ago and has discolored everywhere we had furniture on it. Tried to clean and the finish is coming off. Getting the run around from the company.

posted by JPETE at 8/18/2014 7:59:08 PM

I have had choice deck installed on a dock for 10 years. Gray color. Actually had stairs into the water for the same period. Structural both have stood up very well. I have had staining on the dock after about 2 years. Tried cleaning with clorox with very little change. I continue to clean but the mildew stays. Good luck

posted by jclingle at 2/3/2015 2:02:55 PM