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Free Deck Plans
Choose from hundreds of permit ready designs. Our deck plans include a detailed framing plan, footing layout, material list and typical details. These plans are free to download as pdf files that can be printed to 1/4" - 1' scale on 11x17 paper.

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Hidden Deck Fasteners

Decking can be installed with hidden fasteners to create a clean looking surface that is smooth to bare feet.  Our sponsor EB-TY created the first hidden fastening system for decks.  Hidden fasteners can be used with composite, vinyl, cedar, ipe or other exotic hardwood material.  Many manufactured decking materials offer deck boards that are sold with a grooved edge for use with hidden fasteners.  Follow along with our step by step instructions shown below.

Installing EB-TY Hidden Deck Fasteners
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EB-TY hidden deck fasteners make installation easy.

Install the first deck board using a bead of exterior construction adhesive then predrill the house side of the first board with an 1/8" drill bit with a 3/8" countersink. Next screw down the board at each joist using a #7 x 2-1/4" stainless trim-head screw.

Glue and insert EB-TY 3/8" tapered plugs into each countersunk hole. Sand down any protruding part of the wood plug with a small saw or sander.

Cut a slot or kerf into the board at each joist intersection using a 1/8" router bit. Adjust the router bit so the bottom edge of the EB-TY fastener lines up with the bottom of the deck board. If using a pre-grooved board no slot or kerf is needed.

Place the EB-TY hidden fasteners in the slots at each joist.

Install one #7 2-1/4" stainless steel trim head screw in each fastener at a 45 degree angle. Drill an 1/8" pilot hole for each screw when installing hardwood decking.

Install additional boards by applying a bead of exterior construction adhesive, cutting your hidden fastener slots, predrilling and screwing in each hidden fastener.

Place the next board so the slot slides over the exposed fastener and continue to the next board.

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This is a great product. We used it in our deck design video. Check it out on our design tab.

posted by Eric - Administrator at 6/6/2013 11:24:35 AM