Railing Choices

Selecting the right type of guard rails offers the perfect opportunity to complete your deck design. No other part of deck design offers as many interesting choices than selecting a rail.  Deck railings are visible from all sides of a deck and are very important to the final appearance of your design.

Start your resaerch here with these manufactureres.


Wood rails are the most obvious solution for a cedar, redwood or pine deck.  There are several options to customize a wood rail to fit your overall design.  A standard wood rail uses 4x4 rail posts, 2x4 top and bottom rails, 2x2 balusters and a 2x6 routered top cap.  Adding a sweep space under the bottom rail is a functional detail that makes your deck easier to clean and remove snow and leaves.  Adding a decorative post caps is a nice way to put a personal touch on your design. 

Deck Railings

If you are using a low maintenance material for your deck surface you will probably want to find a matching rail system.  evergrain_content offers a designer railing system that is available in attractive easy to install kits.  atlantis_content and railingworks_content specialize in high end railings including stainless steel, cable, and glass options.

If you are trying to preserve a view consider using glass rail sections, cable rail, or black metal balusters.  White railings are a popular choice for creating contrast with colorful decking materials.  White railings are a safe choice for most decks because of their classic look.
Privacy walls and screens can be placed in strategic areas to block views.  Decorative arbors can be installed above railings to hang plants and vines for accents.