Uses For Redwood

From the 1960’s-1980’s Redwood decks were the backbone of the industry. Hundreds of thousands of decks across the country have been built from Redwood. But as cultivation rates have dropped, and prices have dramatically risen other materials haven taken over its place. Redwood is usually used for decking, rails, and trim, but its structural properties do allow it to be used for framing, although this is usually not practical because of the high expense. Its span tables are available at the California Redwood Association Resource Guide. Redwood will rot if it is buried underground. Always install Redwood decking bark side up using stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized nails, screws, or hidden fasteners. Avoid using headed nails and electroplated fasteners that will cause staining. Redwood sawdust can be irritating to inhale. Be sure you wear a mask when sawing Redwood.

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