Uses For Cedar Decking

Cedar is generally used for the finished surfaces of decks including decking, railing, and trim applications. Because of its softness and lack of structural strength properties it is not usually practical to use for framing materials. This would also be a very expensive framing alternative to using pressure treated wood. Cedar decking will be principally radius edge 5/4x6 lengths that can span up to 16" over joists and 2x6 lengths that can span up to 24" over joists. (Be sure to check on span information with your local building inspector) Rail parts will typically include 2x4’s and 2x6’s for top and bottom rails, 4x4’s or 6x6’s for rail posts and 2x2’s for rail pickets. 1x12 Rough Sawn Cedar is sometimes used to provide a more rugged texture to cover up a pressure treated rim board as fascia and trim but is prone to checking in the sun as are 6x6 cedar posts. Cedar is also used in construction for a number of other exterior applications like shingles, clapboards, fencing, furniture and siding. Cedar has a long and interesting history of uses including the construction of King Solomon’s temple is Jerusalem, totem poles and canoes built by pre-Columbian Native Americans.

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