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Free Deck Plans
Choose from hundreds of permit ready designs. Our deck plans include a detailed framing plan, footing layout, material list and typical details. These plans are free to download as pdf files that can be printed to 1/4" - 1' scale on 11x17 paper.

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Post Base Connectors

Post bases are hardware items designed to attach the decks support posts to the top of the concrete footing pier. Post bases have an elevated bottom compartment with an opening that is designed to lock into a concrete anchor which is embedded in the top of the concrete pier.  The top of the post base straddles the wood support post and provides nail holes which should be filled to add strength to the connection.  The concrete anchor, post base, and support post need to come together in a relatively small area.  Planning ahead is essential.  Make sure your framing lines up precisely with your footing locations or you're in for trouble. An adjustable post base is an option that gives you a little more room to work with.



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I am using an ABU style post base connector with 6 x 6 posts. Which direction should the base connector face? Should the opening (side without the bolts) face the ledger board or be parallel with the direction of the beam? Thanks in advance.

posted by cgrad555 at 7/14/2014 8:05:44 AM

It doesn''t really matter.

posted by mike at 7/14/2014 10:50:31 AM