Composite Decking
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Composite Decking Material Review

The most common question we encounter on is; "What is the best composite decking material?" Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer. There are multiple categories of products.

PVC Vinyl

AZEK & Gossen

Capped Composite

TimberTech &  DecKorators

Aluminum Decking

AridDek & LockDry,

View our composite decking pictures. Each category has literally dozens of different brands to choose from. Low maintenance decking manufactures have made many advancements in creating more attractive products that perform better than the old products from the 80's and 90's. The new products are less likely to fade, stain and breed mold and mildew. There is a tremendous variety of natural looking colors to choose from including many variegated tones that imitate realistic exotic hardwood grain patterns. New lines of colors are added so often many deck builders now refer to the ever expanding design choices as "deck fashion."
The main benefit of low maintenance decking is that you will never have to stain, seal or paint the decking like wood materials. Most higher quality synthetic decking materials are sold with a warranty against splitting, cracking, rotting and insect damage. Your local building department may require that the product you install has an evaluation service report from an accredited materials testing laboratory to provide proof that the decking will meet certain architectural standards. You can find a complete list of the ESR reports here. Another consideration is the installation instructions. Some low maintenance decking boards can be simply screwed down with special reverse thread screws to prevent the material from "mushrooming" on the surface. Other decking systems have a grooved edge to provide a surface to attach hidden fastener clips.

Most low maintenance decking products use polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE) plastic or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) as the base material for their decking boards. Composite decking is created by mixing polyethyle with wood fiber, rice hulls or other fillers as well as a blend of chemical additives. Most low maintenance decking planks are available in 5/4x6 dimensional boards in 12', 16' and 20' lengths. Some composite products are hollow and others are solid.

PVC or vinyl decking has become a popular alternative to composite decking in recent years. Some composite companies have created new products that encapsulate the composite material with a thin layer of PVC capstock for a hardened exterior shell that protects the material from stain, mildew, scratching and UV fading. As the material is extruded it is usually given a textured surface for slip resistance and appearance. Some products have reversible boards that have a wood grain side and a brushed finished side.

Most low maintenance decking materials can be machined and cut just like wood decking. Always read the installation instructions before framing your deck. Most composite decking is designed to be installed horizontally over 16" on center framing or diagonally over 12" on center joists. Most low maintenance materials are recommended to be installed at least 24" above the ground to allow ventilation below the deck. Most low maintenance decking companies also manufacture their own matching railing systems and accessories such as trim boards and low voltage lighting.

Remember there is no such thing as a truly no-maintenance material. Any outdoor living space will require occasional cleaning of dirt and debris.

Decking Products Gallery
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Aluminum Decking

Ariddek is an aluminum decking material that features a waterproof T&G design that creates a beautiful, low-maintenance deck floor. AridDek is watertight so it also creates a dry usable area under the deck. The safe, non-skid textured surface stays cooler to the touch than other decking products. AridDek was designed for high traffic use in the most demanding applications.
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AridDeck - How it works.

AridDek is easy to install for DIY builders and professional deck contractors. This material has a 1" profile which allows it to replace existing deck boards. AridDek installs just like wood or composite deck boards. AridDek should be installed perpendicular to the structure, to allow water to be drained away from the structure. Make sure you install AridDek on a 1/8" slope per foot toward the drainage end.

PVC Decking Idea Gallery

Restful retreat. Party pad. Busy abode. Whatever your style, Gossen will turn your house into a home.
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Deck ReCover

Gossen Deck ReCover™ is a cellular PVC cover that installs on top of your existing deck to keep it protected for years. Made with Gossen's technology, you can have a low maintenance deck without the cost of demolition or the need for annual staining or sealing.
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