Designing Your Deck

Pavers, Reinvented
If you’ve ever wished for an easy way to bring new life to a cracked, aged concrete patio, then your wish has been answered. AZEK Resurfacing Pavers can be installed over an existing slab to create a beautiful, new outdoor space. To see the difference in AZEK Pavers from traditional pavers, take the AZEK Paver Challenge today!

Deck Builders railing

Deck Builders railing

Free Deck Designer
Beautify your outdoor living space with a low-maintenance, custom designed deck by TimberTech. Start designing your dream deck — right here and now — with our interactive deck design tool. Create, change and save as many deck designs as you would like.

Deck Builders
Under Deck Drainage
Under deck drainage systems allow you to comfortably use the space under a high deck. These systems divert water away to create a dry space below. You can essentially double the outdoor living area for an affordable price.More...

Free Deck Guide
Elevated Stone Decks
Silca Systems makes it easy to install beautiful natural stone, slate, travertine tile, or brick pavers. Instead of a traditional wooden or composite deck floor the unique honey combed Silca Grate easily installs across the deck joists to create the perfect base for installing tile or pavers. Silca System has made it possible for DIY homeowners and deck builders to be creative with new and exciting decking ideas.

Deck Lighting
Creating an evening mood of class and style is not easy to achieve on a deck. This novel idea of lighting is changing the way decks are enjoyed during the evening hours.