Free Deck Plans
Free Deck Plans
Choose from hundreds of permit ready designs. Our deck plans include a detailed framing plan, footing layout, material list and typical details. These plans are free to download as pdf files that can be printed to 1/4" - 1' scale on 11x17 paper.

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How To Build A Deck - Framing

The best place to start is by installing the ledger board to provide a reference for the rest of the deck. The second step will involve installing the frost footings. After these elements are in place you should frame the perimeter of the deck using temporary supports. Each deck design will naturally present its own order of assembly by which to proceed.

Many builders take different approaches but good planning will always result in a smoother building process. If you can highlight or number the individual forms on the plan it may make it easier to select a place to start. Once pieces of the deck begin to materialize it will give you a physical mass to attach to and square against. It is usually best to start against the house because the ledger board offers a stationary surface and length to pull measurements from and to attach joists to. If your deck will change elevations, it makes sense that you should finish one section before starting the next. stairs and landings should be the final step in framing a deck.


Comments, Questions and Reviews


my 14''x14'' deck was built with 2x8 PT, 16" o.c. can I double up on the 2x8''s to make this deck safe?

posted by stevecardin at 6/2/2015 7:27:11 PM

My deck is not womanized and it is rotting out. It is 16 x6 ft with four steps to ground level.Can you prescribe some guidelines and material along with labor cost estimates? I am 77 years old, if you know where I''m coming from.

posted by jack hession at 3/18/2015 4:28:12 PM

I am planing to build a 16ft wide by 40 ft long deck above the daylight basement. Why size of posts and what size of beam do i need if want as few posts as possible ? Thanks

posted by DALE at 3/3/2015 3:19:25 PM

You can use 5 posts if your beam is a 2-2x12 Southern Yellow Pine and your footings are 22" diameter. Use a drop beam 2 feet out from the end of the deck.

posted by mike at 3/4/2015 8:59:55 AM