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Stair Stringer Attachment

How you attach the stair stringers to the top of the deck and to any landings will be critical. You should reinforce the rim behind the stairs to provide a solid base for attachment. Use positive connections to install stair stringers using Simpson Strong Tie LSCZ stair stringer connector to the front face of the rim to provide adequate support.

If your first tread steps down from the deck you must extend the rim joist to create a solid surface below the deck rim to attach to. You should attach 2x6 or 2x8 support framing under the rim flush to the bottom of the stringer. 


Stair Stringer Attachment

Install a piece of blocking below the rim joist to extend the attachment surface for your stairs stringers.

Measure down from the top of the deck and mark the top of your stair stringers with a level. Example: Because each stair will be 6-3/8" finished height we will measure down 7-3/8" to compensate for the missing stair tread.

Mark the location for each stair stringer. Most wood stairs use 16" on center. Follow manufacturer's guidelines for composite decking. Most composite decking materials require 12" or even 10" on center spacing.

Bend your Simpson Strong Tie LSCZ stair stringer connectors to the correct angle. Hold the connector under the stringer and raise the stringer to the proper height. Then mark the height of the connector. Repeat for each stringer attachment. Use 10d - 1.5" hot dipped galvanized nails.

Nail the stair stringer connectors into place then nail the 2x12 stair stringers to the connector side flange and bottom.

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Composite Stair Stringer Construction

Follow the manufactures installation instructions for stair stringer spacing when using composite or vinyl decking. In this case we attached 2x12 stringers using Simpson Strong Tie lscz stair stringer connectors spaced 10 inches on center.

Install blocking flush with the top of the stringers in between stringers at the edge of the staircase. We cut 1-1/2" off the front of the first rise of the first 3 stringers to attach 2x blocking to secure the rail post.

Install the trim board across the risers and exposed edges of the outside stringers.

We installed a picture frame turn-back on each stair tread. Attention to detail is a must and this process adds extra labor but the end result is beautiful.

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