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Free Deck Plans
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Deck Header and Flush Beams

A flush or header beam is a structural member positioned at the same level as the joists and uses joist hangers for attachment just as you would at the ledger board.  Flush beams are commonly used for framing angled deck forms such as octagons or on stair landings where a cantilevered beam would be less practical. 

This technique can make your deck surface extremely level and increase the stiffness of rails.  Ground level decks also may require a flush beam application to provide ventilation and ground clearance. 

Screened porch frames must use flush beams in order to transfer roof loads effectively to the footings placed at the edges of the deck.  Overall flush beams perform below the standard of cantilevered beam construction because a composition of hangers and fasteners are less reliable than the positive connection of wood directly supported by wood.  Also applying joist hangers is more expensive and time consuming than installing a cantilever or drop beam. 


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I''m building a swing set for my kids. I plan on using a 4*6*12 pt as the main support beam for the swings(just the swings alone) it will be resting on a 4*4 pt post on one end(the clubhouse). While the other end is supported by two 4*4 pt posts at a 35 degree angle. If anyone knows how much load the 4*6 beam will support would be great.

posted by Danny at 6/3/2015 7:14:08 AM