Free Deck Plans
Free Deck Plans
Choose from hundreds of permit ready designs. Our deck plans include a detailed framing plan, footing layout, material list and typical details. These plans are free to download as pdf files that can be printed to 1/4" - 1' scale on 11x17 paper.

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Building Built In Deck Benches

There are many styles of built in benches that can be added as features to a deck. Search pictures online to explore a variety of design ideas. Most benches are framed out of 2x4, 2x6, and 4x4 material and covered with decking to create a solid surface to sit on that compliments the rest of the deck. Some benches use the rails as a backrest or may include one of its own.

Most of the attention will surround its appearance and how comfortable it is. A bench’s seat should be elevated about 16”-20” off the ground to provide a comfortable sitting position. Examine the heights and width of chairs and benches to get an idea of what dimensions you want to use for your benches. Benches, planters and other accessories on a deck cannot be regulated by building codes unless they are fixed in place. Otherwise, they are merely custom-built furniture. As furniture, there are no building codes that address their construction. However, if the bench or planter is at the edge of a deck and acting as a guardrail or portion of a guard, they would be subject to all loading and geometric requirements of guards.

Bench Designs
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This low maintenance bench planter combination uses 2 tones of composite decking and white PVC trim.
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This composite bench has a cushion and throw pillows for added comfort.
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This bench design suspends a bench in between hardwood planter boxes.
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This curved composite bench and planter combination extend across the front of the deck. Notice the liners inside the planter boxes.
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This composite bench surrounds the lower level of this deck to create a subtle barrier to the surrounding landscape. Notice the darker trim surrounding the bench.
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This curved pressure treated wood bench uses 6x6 support posts with base trim.

This basket style bench surrounds a sunken octagon deck.
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This curved wood deck bench fits into the deck step down. Notice how the backrest for the bench doubles as a planter for the upper deck.
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This bench features a trap door storage area and low voltage lights.

This angled bench is built along a decorative rail / backrest under a shade pergola.
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This bench features a slanted backrest and projects out from the deck.
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This bench projects out from the deck to maximize the floor area for the walkway.

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