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Triple deck beam to 6x6 post connection

Triple beams for decks (3-2x's) should be supported with 6x6 posts using a post beam connector bracket.  4x4 posts will not provide adequate bearing for a triple beam.   Do not notch the top of the post and through bolt the beam because the width of the triple beam will limit the notched section of the post down to 1".  This does not provide enough strength to hold the beam in place.  A positive connection using a post beam bracket installed on top of the post and nailed to the side of the beam is the most secure connection.


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Hello. I will be building 3 ply beams, 3-2x10, sitting atop a 6x6. Instead of having to use a post cap, I''ve wondered if I''d be able to notch the post. Then cut a piece of 2x6, and attach it to the side with the 1 inch material left. Securing it with adhesive and nails, just as I will when building the beams.

posted by Michael at 2/25/2015 9:07:24 AM

This way, there is 2 1/2 inches of material to bolt through. I would notch the post so the top of the 2x10 beam will be flush with the top of the remainder 1 inch. The 2x6 piece, flush at the top, would extend a minimum of 18 inches down the post. I can''t find any literature or websites to validate this idea, and was hoping it sounds like a secure enough attachment point to you. Thank you.

posted by Michael at 2/25/2015 9:08:06 AM

I would check with your local building department. It sounds like it would work if the 2x6 was bolted securely to the 6x6 post with a least 2 (1/2) inch thru bolts.

posted by mike at 2/26/2015 8:49:54 AM

Will drilling holes in the beam won''t cause too much compromised integrity? Instead of through bolts like carriage bolts, which I''ll use when securing the beam to the post, would lag bolts be better since they would act more like a wedge, and entirely fill the void in the post?

posted by Michael at 2/27/2015 8:52:43 AM