The Deck Building Guide is a fully illustrated complete deck construction reference guide based on the 2006 IRC code. It is a perfect job site resource for both the experienced contractor or the Do-It-Yourself Builder. This free downloadable binder includes in depth information on footings, ledger boards, joists, beams, stairs, and rails. Download NOW!
How to build a deck 1 - Your footings will provide a solid foundation for your deck. Concrete footings must be properly sized and installed below the frost line.
How to build a deck 3 - Building a frame will provide the structure for your decking. Learn how to install joists, beams, posts and corrosion resistant hardware.
How to build a deck 5 - Wood rails are composed of posts, rails, balusters and a top cap. Guard rail systems can be installed with glass, cable and vinyl material.
Make your deck unique by using deck lighting. Build a pergola to provide shade for your deck. Learn how to build benches and planters.
Every deck requires maintenance and cleaning or power washing. Always stain or seal your wood deck to prevent sun and water damage.
How to build a deck 2 - The deck will attach to the house wall using a ledger board. Make sure your ledger board is flashed behind the siding to prevent water damage.
How to build a deck 4 - Install wood decking to joists using decking screws or nails. . Composite decking can be attached using hidden fasteners.
How to build a deck 6 - Learn how to build deck stairs and steps. Measure the height of your deck and use our stair calculator to find what rise and run meet code.
Use hand framed rafters or engineered trusses to build a screen porch or gazebo. Install shingles and waterproofing across the roof.